How To Paint A Moon

How To Paint A Moon

How to paint the moon class art skills science



1. Use a pencil to trace a large circle on your canvas.
2. Use a 3/4 Wash brush to paint a white ring around the moon.
3. Lightly blend phthalo blue with the white to create a light blue tone around the moon.


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4. Gradually blend more phthalo blue in the sky as you work your way to the edges of the canvas.
5. Splatter stars on the canvas by tapping a paint brush of titanium white against another paint brush.
6. Paint the circle of the moon solid white. Keep that white paint wet because the moon texture will be done with wet on wet blending.
7. Use a 1/2” filtert brush to blend Payne’s grey in with the white. Observe how certain areas of the moon have darker markers.
8. Add more white to your filbert brush and blend in areas that are lighter.


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9. Load some mars black onto your palette and mix white with it to make a warm black. Blend in this black in various dark areas of the moon.
10. Use a round brush to paint small dots and two large craters on the moon.

Challenge: Follow the instructions above and paint a painting with a moon in it. The more you practice the better you'll get.

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