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How To Sell Products Through Home Parties?

  1. Earn a position as a consultant for a direct selling business like Motley Muse. Focus on a business whose products you use or like -- your passion for the products will shine through in your sales. 
  2. Network within your social circle to find someone to host a party. Direct sellers go into customer's homes to sell their goods, so you need a willing customer to host a party for you. Often, party hosts receive discounts based on the party's total sales, so you can use this incentive to entice a friend or family member to host.
  3. Practice your sales pitch. Study the products you will be selling -- use them yourself, and think about the benefits of each product. Study current specials and sales, which you should mention during the party. Prepare to pitch yourself as a fellow customer, not a pushy salesperson.

  4. Set up your products at the home party. Display them in an attractive manner. Use shelving to display products at different heights. Clear tables of other decorative pieces -- you want the customers' focus to be on the products, not the host's table decor or centerpieces.

  5. Give a brief sales pitch once customers have checked out your products. You want to give guests time to study your products and socialize -- it is a party, after all. Discuss the benefits of the products and their special features. Talk about how you use the product in your everyday life to personalize your pitch.

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6. Answer customers' questions about the products. The more concerns and questions you eliminate from customers' minds, the more likely they are to buy.


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