Why buy custom clothing?

Why buy custom clothing?

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1. You Get A Better Fit

Anyone who wants to look good knows how FIT means everything. Fit is the key to showing off your body in the most flattering way.

It matters a lot to healthy guys – since good health is a huge attraction asset. If you appear healthy, it's a sign of being a great potential mate.

That’s the core goal of custom made clothing. It’s well-adjusted to your personal measurements while providing enough ease and comfort. Extreme tightness or looseness shouldn’t be felt since these bring down your confidence.

Custom made means you get to adjust certain aspects such as:

  • The ease at the neck area
  • The length of the sleeves
  • The amount of additional body length (if you’re a taller guy)

That’s why it’s really important to know your body type from the start. Your focus should be on dressing for the body you have NOW, not the body you’re expecting after a month-long diet plan. Who knows how long it’ll actually take to get those results?

If you’re not in tip-top shape – don’t worry about it! This is where you can highlight your best physical features and divert attention from your less flattering ones.


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2. Quality Materials Are Used

With off-the-rack stuff, quality isn’t the priority. That’s how the system goes – cost-effective mass productions via industrial machines.

Those clothes don’t go through the hands of professionals who scrutinize every detail. But it’s a completely different story with custom made clothing.

Custom tailors value precision. They’re able to make adjustments on the spot and look out for inconsistencies. They adhere to the right number of stitches per inch – which keeps the fabric durable.

You can select better fabrics  cotton, wool, artificial fibers, blended natural fibers, silk, etc. – before the process even begins. This gives you a big advantage, getting you the perfect clothing that suits your environment.

If you live in a cooler climate, you can choose among heavier-weight fabrics or those with a tighter weave/blend. For a warmer climate, you can try something lighter than usual to get maximum comfort.

You’ll want to learn about different weaves and their characteristics so you'll get the best constructions. Weaves affect the texture of clothes, how well clothes breathe air, and how much they tend to wrinkle.

3. You Can Highlight Your Personal Style

There’s a limit to how much “you” is reflected in ready-to-buy clothes. But custom made clothing allows you to bring out more individuality.

There are manufacturers who work with not just different fabrics – but multiple features and design options as well. There’s a good amount of collaboration in which you influence the final product. You get to be creative.

Some features you can take advantage of include:


  • The first thing people notice from a distance, long before the fabric even comes into play
  • It strongly affects the mood and first impression you’re going to make
  • There are different meanings that apply to each color

Collar Design

  • Part of the shirt that enhances certain features of the face and/or upper body
  • It includes styles such as conventional point, spread, button down and more unusual ones like a pin or tab collar

Other Features

  • Cuff shape: You can try cuffs that are squared off or have rounded corners to look more masculine
  • Pocket shape: You can either add a chest pocket or two, or do away with them to get a cleaner look for your shirt
  • Matching stripes: You can use them for flashier or more stylized outfits

4. There Is Less Time & Effort Wasted

Unlike clothes shopping, the custom made route is controllable and straightforward.

I know that feeling of having to go out of your way for off-the-rack clothing – trying to pick out the best thing. If you don’t like shopping, it’s torture.

But when working with a tailor – you're pretty much guaranteed to get something. You're told how long it takes to be finished, and then it's just a matter of waiting. You don't spend time entering a store to look around or see “sold out” and “unavailable” items.

And if your work calls for dressing up extra well – custom made suits might be best. You could be too busy for some serious shopping on the weekend. But you also don't want to attend a meeting or event in an awkward-looking suit. So a custom made piece wouldn’t just save time and effort – but also your reputation.

For maximum satisfaction, you have to communicate well with your tailor. Be clear about your needs and preferences. But you should also listen to his suggestions or point of view. (This is somebody who’s dressed thousands of customers before!)

5. Your Clothes Last Longer

In this consumer-driven world of temporary goods, you want to be a smart buyer. You want to think a few steps ahead and avoid being blindsided by the price tag.

That’s how you realize that custom made clothing is a great long-term investment. Because of the materials used and overall quality – there are fewer problems to face later on.

You'll avoid paying for lots of repairs (or even replacements). Any issues that may happen over time can be dealt with easily by a skilled tailor (they're usually tiny adjustments).

These clothes are meant to outlast ready-to-buy stuff. They should never surprise you with some major defect.

You can add the following extras on custom made clothes to extend their lifespan:

French Seams

  • Seams with more security and durability, preventing threads from getting caught up or damaged
  • They allow the garment to have a clean finished appearance


  • Materials that can be inserted in stress points of clothing (such as the lower side seams)
  • They lessen the amount of stress that's being applied to those points



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