Why do we like shopping?

Why do we like shopping?

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1. Uplifts My Mood

As stated by a study by the Journal Psychology and Marketing, retail therapy has been known to uplift a bad mood. When we shop, our bodies release endorphins, which gives a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. While shopping may not be a permanent solution to my problems, it does help me in forgetting about my troubles for a while. And in the hustle & bustle of today’s world, it’s important to let my mind take a peaceful vacation sometimes.

2. Makes Me Feel Confident

Shopping helps me make choices about the way I want to look- the clothes, shoes, and makeup I want to put on. I like shopping because it helps me decide how I want others to see me. When I feel like life has thrown me a curveball, I like to create a new look for myself, so that I can take on any obstacle with confidence. If I want, I can buy a completely new wardrobe and change my outlook on life. It helps me feel more positive, which is why I like shopping so much. When I find the perfect combination of a pantsuit and a red lip, I believe that I can do anything I set my mind.


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3. Helps Me Spend Quality Time with People I Love

One of the prime reasons why I like shopping is because it helps me spend time with loved ones. I know I am not the only one who struggles to find quality time to spend with friends or family. I bet you can relate. Everyone has different schedules, and we don’t always see the free time to have conversations with the people we love. 

But spending a chill day with my mom or a friend shopping at the mall (even window shopping) while agreeing on fashion choices and trying on clothes for fun, can be a great way to bond.


4. Boosts My Creativity

When I shop for clothes, I try envisioning what combinations of clothes can form an outfit, and how it will look on me. For instance, I buy a pair of high waisted denim jeans, keeping in mind how it will look with the basic yellow tee in my closet. It’s why I like shopping so much-it lets me experiment and create new looks. And not to mention, the fast calculations I have to do in my mind deducting discount percentages, have given my mental math abilities a boost.

5. Shopping Is a Workout Session.

It’s not something you hear often, but it’s true. Shopping is a great way to burn calories. Even if a two-hour window shopping session may not feel productive, it does give your body some exercise.

Think about it- you are walking, using stairs, running (okay, only if there’s a great sale) and stretching muscles in your arms and legs. While it may not be better than an actual workout, it’s better than staying at home, doing nothing! Through shopping, I get to escape working out, and that’s why I like shopping all the more.

6. Helps Me Take Charge

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