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Custom Made Pattern With Sewing Class: Perfect Size From Your Measurements And Designs Sew Smart (PDF Pattern Files For Projecting And Printing)

Custom Made Pattern With Sewing Class: Perfect Size From Your Measurements And Designs Sew Smart (PDF Pattern Files For Projecting And Printing)

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I will answer your questions and teach you everything you need to know about making your project. If you are having any problems understanding/using the patterns or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! I'm happy to help!

Introducing my revolutionary Custom Digital Sewing Patterns service, where creativity and precision intersect to bring your sewing projects to life like never before. My mission is to empower sewists of all levels with tailor-made patterns that perfectly fit their unique body measurements and design preferences.

Gone are the days of struggling with ill-fitting, generic sewing patterns. With my service, you become the designer, and I will bringing your visions to reality. Here's how it works:

1. **Personalized Measurements:** Your body is unique, and your sewing patterns should be too. Provide me with your precise measurements, and with my math skills I will craft a digital pattern that hugs your curves and contours flawlessly.

2. **Design Expression:** Your imagination is the only limit. Whether it's a stunning evening gown, a cozy jacket, or a playful summer dress, you decide the sewing project you want to undertake. Describe your vision, select your style, and I'll ensure your pattern captures every detail.

3. **Adaptability:** Flexibility is key. My digital patterns are incredibly versatile. Print them out traditionally on paper for a classic sewing experience, or take advantage of modern technology by using the files with a projector. Enjoy the convenience of digital projection, eliminating the need for manual tracing or cutting.

4. **Step-by-Step Guidance:** I understand that creating a garment can be both exciting and challenging. That's why my patterns come with detailed, user-friendly instructions. From cutting fabric to stitching final seams, you'll have clear guidance at every step of the way. Turning this into your own private personal sewing class with me. You can also email me at any time with your questions.

5. **Time and Cost Savings:** No more hunting for the right size or altering store-bought patterns. My custom digital patterns save you time, reduce fabric waste, and ultimately lead to a professional-grade finish.

6. **Unmatched Fit:** The foundation of a great garment is an impeccable fit. With patterns based on your precise measurements, you can confidently create garments that make you feel confident and comfortable.

7. **Supportive Community:** Join our community called Confetti, on this website, of passionate sewists who share your enthusiasm for sewing and design. Share your creations, exchange tips, and inspire one another on your sewing journeys.

8.** Estimated Wait Time**  Your pattern will be created and emailed to you in under 24 hours of your purchase.

Discover the joy of creating garments that truly reflect your style and fit you like a second skin. With my Custom Digital Sewing Patterns service, the power of customization is in your hands. Unleash your creativity and embark on a sewing adventure like no other.


 **Body Measurements Template**

Here's a template for recording various body measurements. It's important to note that accurate measurements are crucial for well-fitting garments, so it's recommended to have a flexible measuring tape and follow proper measurement techniques. The more measurements you give me the better your pattern will fit.

**Personal Information:**
- Full Name:
- Date of Measurement:
- Contact Information:

**General Measurements:**
- Height:
- Weight:
- Body Shape/Type:
- Dominant Hand (for sleeve length):

**Upper Body:**
- Neck Circumference:
- Bust/Chest Circumference:
- Waist Circumference:
- Hip Circumference:
- Shoulders Width:
- Armhole Circumference:
- Sleeve Length:
- Bicep Circumference:
- Wrist Circumference:

**Lower Body:**
- Natural Waist Circumference:
- Low Waist Circumference:
- Hip Circumference:
- Thigh Circumference:
- Knee Circumference:
- Calf Circumference:
- Ankle Circumference:
- Inseam Length:
- Outseam Length:


If you need help taking measurements, I can help you do so, click on this link.

**Special Considerations:**
- Any body asymmetry or irregularities (e.g., one leg longer than the other):
- Any medical conditions affecting body shape or measurements:
- Preferences for loose, regular, or slim fit:

**Additional Notes:**
- Any specific clothing items or styles the measurements are intended for:
- Any other relevant information for me:


***Include Some Reference Photos***

- The more details you give me the better I can tailor this class to your needs.

Remember, it's best to have someone assist you when taking these measurements to ensure accuracy. It's also recommended to measure over thin clothing or undergarments that you would typically wear with the specific clothing items. Keep the measuring tape snug but not too tight, and record measurements in both inches and centimeters for convenience.



Painless Patterns is a fusion of convenience and creativity; elevateing your sewing projects with precision and ease. Unveil your unique style by projecting this meticulously crafted pattern onto your fabric or simply print it for traditional use. This versatile pattern ensures accurate cuts and streamlined sewing, saving you time and enhancing your garment crafting experience. Unleash your design aspirations effortlessly and precisely with Painless Patterns where technology meets timeless craftsmanship. Painless Patterns empowers you to craft personalized, trendsetting clothing like never before. Elevate your creative process with Painless Patterns - a touch of digital artistry. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.



We are a fair trade organic eco-friendly fashion brand. It's a central part of our mission to approach garment production in a certified ethically sustainable and transparent way that considers both people and the planet in the highest standards.


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