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Sewing Lessons

Sewing Lessons

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My online virtual sewing classes are hosted on my website in english through the Confetti platform, which offers a user friendly experience similar to Facebook but is easier to navigate. You can purchase a monthly subscription for $10 or 1 month access with no subscription is available for $20.


Unlock your full sewing potential by investing in yourself today! If you love sewing but struggle to find time for in-person classes, our online sewing courses are the perfect solution. Learn at your own pace, right from the comfort of your home. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sewer, our classes cater to all skill levels with expert instruction, comprehensive tutorials, and a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts. With flexible scheduling and easy access to materials, integrating learning into your lifestyle has never been easier.


Don't miss out on our exclusive virtual sewing retreat, designed to elevate your skills beyond what free YouTube videos can offer. This immersive experience provides a structured, high-quality learning environment led by expert instructors, ensuring you receive personalized feedback and support. You'll also benefit from ready-to-use kits, which simplify your projects by providing all necessary materials.


By joining our group, you’ll become part of a vibrant global community of sewing enthusiasts. Connect, share ideas, and find inspiration from like-minded individuals who will support and motivate you throughout your sewing journey. With ongoing access to resources and community support, your growth and enjoyment of sewing will continue long after the retreat ends.


Don’t wait—take the next step in your sewing journey. Sign up today and unlock a world of creativity and skill development!


New activities are constantly added all the time. Choose which ones and how long you participate. Plus all the activities are organized in convenient folders and they are all free.


Expert-Led Classes

Enjoy video classes taught by guest instructors on a variety of topics, including clothing, accessories, quilts, home decor, and more.


Also enjoy free access to all of our live sewing classes on Google Meets.


Participate in a range of fun and educational activities:

- Sewing Adventure Quests

- Scavenger Hunt

- Unscramble

- Task Bingo

- Trivia

- This Versus That Sewing Topic Discussions

- Hand Sewing Techniques

- Q&A Sessions

- Quizzes

- Choose Your Own Sewing Adventure Stories

- Fashion History (1760-2010) focusing on each decade for men, women, and children in the U.S. and Europe

- Show And Tell

- Pay It Forward Events

- Uplift Music Playlist to inspire and motivate


Free Quilt and Sewing Challenges

- 31 Free Quilt Block Patterns

- 31 Sewing Skill Builder Challenges


Gain free access to an extensive library of patterns. (Download files for use with a projector or for printing.)

- Dresses

- Pants

- Shirts

- Sleeves

- Skirts

- Shoulder Bags

- Zipper Pouches

- Jellyroll Rugs

- Zip-And-Go Neck Pillow Suitcases


Get Comprehensive Written Instructions on various sewing techniques and projects, including:

- Making stems without turning tiny tubes

- Creating flange binding

- Making a rag quilt

- Crafting a fabric bowl

- Creating a corner fabric bookmark

- Making a circle skirt without a pattern

- Understanding different types of needles, fabrics, and threads and their uses

- Measuring the human body for clothing making


Join our virtual sewing retreat for an enriching experience, complete with an interactive element. You can create a free account to connect and communicate with other retreat members in a judgment-free zone, sharing as much or as little as you like. This is a wonderful place to ask questions and receive diverse answers and viewpoints from friends around the world.


As a token of my gratitude for joining this community, I'd like to offer you a complimentary ticket to attend one day of my in-person sewing classes. Please let me know which day you'll be attending so I can be prepared:


For added fun, I've included cooking classes with delicious recipes you can prepare ahead of time. Making these recipes before the retreat will boost efficiency, variety, community, quality, and flexibility, enhancing your overall experience. Please share photos of your culinary creations along with any tips you've discovered along the way.


After completing the checkout process, log into the members-only section of our website here: