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Mural Painting

Mural Painting

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I will paint a mural on your wall based off of a photo that you give me.

Interior and exterior art with a focus on client satisfaction.

I can do live painting demonstrations in front of an audience on canvas, walls, or large objects.

Send me a picture of the wall, its location and the idea of your project. 

I travel all over Blair County Pennsylvania because I am based in Altoona. I am willing to travel further if you pay for my hotel and transportation expenses.

I'll bring and set up the art suplies. As well as leave the space clean when I am finished painting.

Pricing varies depending on size and complexity. It includes my time and all of the art supplies that will be needed. It is due in full on the the day when I start painting your painting.

I love to paint free style paintings on commision with powerful colors and contrast. I can also paint something planned that relates to your event and space. 

I have 17 years of experience in all aspects of mural creation. I can design and paint a mural any size. They usually take me 20 minutes to paint per square foot.

Murals with energy and artistic quality inspired by a universe where reality and imagination are in symbiosis. Stirring an original, graphic style with conceptual questions and social commentary, I want to push the limits of public art. I revel in adapting my sensibility and philosophy to the varied challenges of a specific piece. By mashing influences with ideals, I seek to derive and synthesize, realizing complex themes through beautiful simplicity.

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