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Private Mentoring Session With The Owner of Motley Muse

Private Mentoring Session With The Owner of Motley Muse

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Invest in yourself to become the best you could be!

Are you an artist or creative practitioner seeking career advice, fresh perspectives and honest feedback to help with creative blocks or key challenges? A mentoring coaching session with an experienced arts professional could be just what you need!

Mentoring Services Include:

 Free advertising on my social media platforms about your art and where my followers may find and follow your social media pages and patronise your art business. If you don't have a website or social media I can help you to build these things so that you might reach your audience easier. I am the sole creator and operator of this website and all of my social media accounts.

 You will also reserve a one hour consultation session with me via Zoom. These sessions can be extended based on your needs. I will also spend many hours behind the scenes before the meeting researching your art journey and looking for ways that I may help you. My passion is to honor the artist that you know is in your heart. A creative coaching session focused on addressing a specific issue will unleash your creative spirit. Together we will find the best ways for you to move forward in your work.

The topic of discussion will be your choice; common subjects include.

✓ A review of your work and career journey to date
✓ Feedback on your work and suggestions for development
✓ Support with overcoming creative blocks
✓ Recommendations for making your work more accessible to a wider audience
✓ Recommendations for improving your marketing and networking strategies 

You may record the session to maximize the benefit. If not, I do advise taking notes of key points. As these are video consults, you'll need a webcam, microphone, streaming sufficient internet, and be able to speak English moderately well.

Please send me an email asap before the meeting so that I can have time to review your work such as your art and the ways in which you are marketing yourself. Please send me your social media links your website link; anything that you feel I should know and understand about your creative process before the meeting. This is my direct email

 There is no limit on how many meetings you can  schedule with me or how often. You may choose to have 1 or 100 zoom meetings over the course of the year, my office hours are listed above, and my hourly rate on zoom is a $50. This $50 will also cover the time in which I am doing work for you behind the scenes and off of zoom.


I established Motley Muse in 2003 to support artists and creatives in developing their work and enabling them to successfully navigate their creative journeys. I have extensive experience working in the arts and culture sector having held previous key positions including:

●  Owner of Motley Muse
●  Studied at Northern Arizona University
●  Personal assistant learning first hand from many company owners in different industries. 

I create to learn: about creating, about myself, about life, about nature, about connection... I was fortunate to study at Northern Arizona University, and this experience, along with my travels all over North and South America have all had a great influence on my work. As a teacher, I hope to share what I have learned and to learn from those I work with. Instructional videos are valuable, but in private art mentoring I will study your art and work one-on-one with you to help you achieve your goals. I love teaching art and the long-lasting creative connection it fosters between us. I believe we all learn from each other all the time. The psychology of art is complex; just as I do in my workshops, I will share with you my perspective, knowledge, and experience. Through this one-on-one instruction, I meet you where you are, answer your questions, and help move you forward with your own personal method of creating.

Why Online Instruction?

I have been providing Private Art Mentoring since 2003. Online instruction provides motivation, focus, and quality in-depth conversation all in the comfort of your own home/studio. This is for you if you enjoy having a teacher's full attention. Choosing to invest in yourself and your work is a big decision, and I want you to know that I'm fully committed to helping you achieve the results you want.

For your private one-on-one session, I will preview samples of your work and share my perspective and philosophy on art, along with hints, techniques, and methods that I think will help you move ahead. If you're new to art, we'll address foundation topics such as: how to begin, lighting, gesture, choosing your supplies, and color mixing. If you're more experienced, we'll go deeper into topics such as: the role of art in your life, refining your 'voice,' the power of 'presence' in your work, when a peace is 'finished,' classical still life today, blogging, working with galleries, strategies to show, market, and sell your work, and much more. My goal is to help you along your journey.

Never created before? Feel like you're a beginner?

First, I believe we are all beginners, all the time. Learning how to create is possible for everyone, but I know how hard it can be to get started (and keep going!). I offer a 100% non-judgemental, open-minded approach to teaching art. We discuss, step-by-step, how to go about building a strong foundation in art. I invite you to work with me regardless of your level. (Or perhaps you'd like to apply what I have learned to another area of study, such as writing, business, or other creative explorations....)

Are you an experienced artist?

Art is remarkable. It mirrors life and challenges us all to the core. Talking with me about your journey and struggles can provide clarity that can lead to actionable solutions. Having created hundreds of daily art pieces, I've developed clear strategies to keep myself moving in the studio. By looking at your work and through our conversation about the role of art in your life, I aim to help you move forward in your creative pursuits. Invest in yourself.

I love watching students develop their skills and their unique artistic eye - and mentoring gives me the opportunity to work with artists who can't attend my in-person workshops. Teaching is such a rewarding experience for me. I've been incredibly proud of my online students' success!
What sets my mentorship program apart from others is the one-on-one interaction. With a limited number of members, the curriculum can be very individualized. Though there is no time commitment to participate - enrollment is on a case by case basis - working together over the long term, I have seen real progress in the artists I mentor, especially in those who work hard to achieve their goals.

The focus of my art journey is in acrylic painting. I'm also a big believer in sketchbooks, and recommend a "drawing-a-day" habit to all my students. Just 15-20 minutes a day will make a huge difference in your painting. Good intentions are not enough you must put in the work so that you can reach your goals.


There is a 24 hour in advance cancellation policy so that you may receive a full refund if you need too reschedule or wish to cancel your meeting. You can reach me directly at Thank you for your understanding and professionalism in this manner.

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