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Bootcut Pants With Patch Pockets - Sewing Class And PDF Pattern - For Projecting and Printing

Bootcut Pants With Patch Pockets - Sewing Class And PDF Pattern - For Projecting and Printing

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I am currently developing and making all the patterns into different sizes. I should have all of them completed by next week.


This pattern can be downloaded in printable formats: US Letter, A4, 11x17, 13x19, 24" Roll, 36"Roll, and as an image for projecting.


Members of the virtual sewing classes can download this pattern for free when they use the promo code that's given to them. Click here to join the club.


If you are having any problems understanding/using the patterns or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! I'm happy to help!



Elevate your sewing skills and wardrobe with our Bootcut Pants with Patch Pockets Sewing Class and PDF Pattern. Designed for both comfort and style, these pants are a must-have addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe. Whether you're dressing up for a night out or keeping it casual, these versatile pants will ensure you look effortlessly chic.




- Bootcut Silhouette: These pants feature a flattering bootcut design that elongates the legs and adds a stylish flair to any outfit. The slight flare from the knee down balances your proportions and pairs perfectly with boots, heels, or flats.

- Patch Pockets: Functional and fashionable, the patch pockets add a trendy touch while providing practical storage for your essentials. Ideal for keeping your phone, keys, or other small items close at hand.

- Comfortable Fit: With a focus on both style and comfort, these pants are designed to fit snugly at the waist and hips while allowing ease of movement. The thoughtful construction ensures a perfect fit that flatters all body types.

- Versatile Length: The bootcut design works beautifully with various lengths, allowing you to customize the hem to suit your height and preferred shoe styles.


What’s Included:


- PDF Pattern: Our expertly crafted digital pattern is available for both projecting and printing, ensuring you have the flexibility to work in your preferred format. Detailed instructions and clear diagrams guide you through each step, making it accessible for sewers of all levels.

- Comprehensive Sewing Class: Access our exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that walk you through the entire sewing process. From fabric selection and cutting to assembling and finishing, our class provides all the tips and techniques you need to achieve professional results. Learn at your own pace and revisit the lessons anytime.


Why You’ll Love It:


- Custom Fit: Tailor the pants to your exact measurements for a fit that’s both flattering and comfortable.

- Skill Development: Improve your sewing abilities with our expert guidance, whether you're a beginner or an experienced sewer looking to refine your skills.

- Timeless Design: These bootcut pants transition seamlessly from casual to formal, making them a versatile staple in your wardrobe.

- Sustainable Fashion: Create a high-quality, handmade garment that’s unique to you, reducing reliance on fast fashion and promoting sustainability.

- Community Support: Join our supportive online community where you can share your progress, ask questions, and get feedback from fellow sewing enthusiasts.


Perfect For:

- Daily Wear: Comfortable and stylish enough for everyday use, whether you're running errands or meeting friends.

- Professional Settings: Pair with a blouse or blazer for a polished, office-ready look.

- Evening Outfits: Dress up with heels and accessories for a chic, night-out ensemble.

- Gift Making: Create a personalized, handmade gift for friends and family.


Indulge in the joy of crafting your own stylish and practical bootcut pants. With our Bootcut Pants with Patch Pockets Sewing Class and PDF Pattern, you’ll not only create a versatile and fashionable piece but also gain valuable sewing skills and confidence. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your wardrobe and sewing repertoire. Order now and start your sewing adventure today!


We are a fair trade organic eco-friendly fashion brand. It's a central part of our mission to approach garment production in a certified ethically sustainable and transparent way that considers both people and the planet in the highest standards.




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Body Measurements (Inches)


Across Back 10.53

Across Front 12.15

Ankle 7.29

Armhole Length 8.1

Bicep Circumference 9.72

Center Back to Floor 47.79

Center Back to Waist 12.96

Chest / Bust 18.63

Crotch Rise / Depth 10.53

Foot Length 8.1

Front Length 14.58

Head Circumference 17.82

Height 54.27

Hip Circumference 34.83

Inseam 25.92

Neck Circumference 16.2

Overarm Length 18.63

Shoulder Length 3.24

Trunk 24.3

Waist - Low Circumference 34.83

Waist - Natural Circumference 29.16

Waist to Floor 34.83

Waist to Hip 8.1

Waist to Knee 18.63

Waist to Low Waist 4.05

Wrist Circumference 4.86

Ankle Height 3.26

Around Head 17.82

Blade Apex Width Back 4.05

Bust / Chest Height Back 6.48

Bust / Chest Height Front 6.48

Bust / Chest Width Back 14.58

Bust / Chest Width Front 18.63

Bust Apex Width Front 7.29

Bust Depth 10.53

Bust Radius 3.24

Calf Circumference 11.34

Center Length Back 13.77

Center Length Front 13.77

Crotch Length 22.68

Elbow Circumference 8.1

Elbow to Wrist Length 8.91

Eye Level 6.48

Full Length Back 12.14

Full Length Front 15.39

Hand Width 6.48

Heel Foot Circumference 9.72

Hip Depth Back 7.29

Hip Depth Front 7.29

Hip Depth Side 4.86

Hip Width Back 17.01

Hip Width Front 16.2

Knee Circumference 12.96

Knee Height 15.39

Mid-Armhole Height Back 9.72

Mid-Armhole Height Front 11.34

Mid-Armhole Width Back 12.15

Mid-Armhole Width Front 10.53

Neck Width Back 4.86

Neck Width Front 4.86

Over Head 26.73

Overbust Height 4.86

Overbust Width Back 15.39

Overbust Width Front 15.39

Shoulder Across Back 12.15

Shoulder Across Front 12.15

Shoulder Slope Back 12.96

Shoulder Slope Front 16.2

Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Back 3.24

Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Front 3.24

Side Leg Length 34.83

Side Length 8.1

Side Waist Depth Back 14.58

Side Waist Depth Front 13.77

Strap Front 7.29

Thigh Circumference 19.44

Thigh Height 24.3

Underarm Length 23.49

Underbust Height 3.24

Underbust Width Back 12.5

Underbust Width Front 29.97

Waist Width Back 14.58

Waist Width Front 15.39


Across Back 11.7

Across Front 13.5

Ankle 8.1

Armhole Length 9

Bicep Circumference 10.8

Center Back to Floor 53.1

Center Back to Waist 14.4

Chest / Bust 20.7

Crotch Rise / Depth 11.7

Foot Length 9

Front Length 16.2

Head Circumference 19.8

Height 60.3

Hip Circumference 38.7

Inseam 28.8

Neck Circumference 18

Overarm Length 20.7

Shoulder Length 3.6

Trunk 27

Waist - Low Circumference 38.7

Waist - Natural Circumference 32.4

Waist to Floor 38.7

Waist to Hip 9

Waist to Knee 20.7

Waist to Low Waist 4.5

Wrist Circumference 5.4

Ankle Height 3.6

Around Head 19.8

Blade Apex Width Back 4.5

Bust / Chest Height Back 7.2

Bust / Chest Height Front 7.2

Bust / Chest Width Back 16.2

Bust / Chest Width Front 20.7

Bust Apex Width Front 8.1

Bust Depth 11.7

Bust Radius 3.6

Calf Circumference 12.6

Center Length Back 15.3

Center Length Front 15.3

Crotch Length 25.2

Elbow Circumference 9

Elbow to Wrist Length 9.9

Eye Level 7.2

Full Length Back 13.5

Full Length Front 17.1

Hand Width 7.2

Heel Foot Circumference 10.8

Hip Depth Back 8.1

Hip Depth Front 8.1

Hip Depth Side 5.4

Hip Width Back 18.9

Hip Width Front 18

Knee Circumference 14.4

Knee Height 17.1

Mid-Armhole Height Back 10.8

Mid-Armhole Height Front 12.6

Mid-Armhole Width Back 13.5

Mid-Armhole Width Front 11.7

Neck Width Back 5.4

Neck Width Front 5.4

Over Head 29.7

Overbust Height 5.4

Overbust Width Back 17.1

Overbust Width Front 17.1

Shoulder Across Back 13.5

Shoulder Across Front 13.5

Shoulder Slope Back 14.4

Shoulder Slope Front 18

Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Back 3.6

Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Front 3.6

Side Leg Length 38.7

Side Length 9

Side Waist Depth Back 16.2

Side Waist Depth Front 15.3

Strap Front 8.1

Thigh Circumference 21.6

Thigh Height 27

Underarm Length 26.1

Underbust Height 3.6

Underbust Width Back 13.5

Underbust Width Front 33.3

Waist Width Back 16.2

Waist Width Front 17.1


Across Back 13

Across Front 15

Ankle 9

Armhole Length 10

Bicep Circumference 12

Center Back to Floor 59

Center Back to Waist 16

Chest / Bust 23

Crotch Rise / Depth 13

Foot Length 10

Front Length 18

Head Circumference 22

Height 67

Hip Circumference 43

Inseam 32

Neck Circumference 20

Overarm Length 23

Shoulder Length 4

Trunk 30

Waist - Low Circumference 43

Waist - Natural Circumference 36

Waist to Floor 43

Waist to Hip 10

Waist to Knee 23

Waist to Low Waist 5

Wrist Circumference 6

Ankle Height 4

Around Head 22

Blade Apex Width Back 5

Bust / Chest Height Back 8

Bust / Chest Height Front 8

Bust / Chest Width Back 18

Bust / Chest Width Front 23

Bust Apex Width Front 9

Bust Depth 13

Bust Radius 4

Calf Circumference 14

Center Length Back 17

Center Length Front 17

Crotch Length 28

Elbow Circumference 10

Elbow to Wrist Length 11

Eye Level 8

Full Length Back 15

Full Length Front 19

Hand Width 8

Heel Foot Circumference 12

Hip Depth Back 9

Hip Depth Front 9

Hip Depth Side 6

Hip Width Back 21

Hip Width Front 20

Knee Circumference 16

Knee Height 19

Mid-Armhole Height Back 12

Mid-Armhole Height Front 14

Mid-Armhole Width Back 15

Mid-Armhole Width Front 13

Neck Width Back 6

Neck Width Front 6

Over Head 33

Overbust Height 6

Overbust Width Back 19

Overbust Width Front 19

Shoulder Across Back 15

Shoulder Across Front 15

Shoulder Slope Back 16

Shoulder Slope Front 20

Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Back 4

Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Front 4

Side Leg Length 43

Side Length 10

Side Waist Depth Back 18

Side Waist Depth Front 17

Strap Front 9

Thigh Circumference 24

Thigh Height 30

Underarm Length 29

Underbust Height 4

Underbust Width Back 15

Underbust Width Front 37

Waist Width Back 18

Waist Width Front 19