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Zip And Go Neck Pillow Suitcase - Sewing Class And PDF Pattern - For Projecting and Printing

Zip And Go Neck Pillow Suitcase - Sewing Class And PDF Pattern - For Projecting and Printing

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Members of the virtual sewing classes can download this pattern for free when they use the promo code that's given to them. Click here to join the club.


If you are having any problems understanding/using the patterns or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! I'm happy to help!


I will answer your questions and teach you everything you need to know about making this project.



A neck pillow with storage is a brilliant travel accessory! It provides comfort during long flights and allows travelers to efficiently use space by stuffing clothing inside. This saves on baggage fees, maximizes packing capacity, and ensures a cozy journey. Smart and practical!



Embark on a creative journey that seamlessly blends technology and craftsmanship in our innovative Digital Sewing Class. This unique class redefines the traditional art of sewing by integrating cutting-edge digital patterns with the hands-on experience of garment creation.

In this forward-thinking sewing class, students will be introduced to the world of digital sewing patterns and guided through the process of transforming virtual designs into tangible, stylish garments. By embracing the fusion of technology and sewing, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of modern garment creation while honing their traditional sewing skills.

**Key Highlights:**

1. **Digital Pattern Exploration:** Students will dive into the world of digital patterns, learning how to access, download, and manipulate these files. They'll discover the advantages of digital patterns, including size flexibility, ease of storage, and the ability to customize with precision.

2. **Tech-Savvy Tools:** Guided by our experienced instructors, participants will become acquainted with sewing software and tools used to visualize, modify, and print or project digital patterns. These skills will empower students to make alterations and adaptations according to their personal preferences.

3. **Material Selection:** Choosing the right fabric is crucial for any sewing project. In this class, students will gain insights into how different materials behave and interact with digital patterns, helping them make informed decisions that impact the final product.

4. **Step-by-Step Guidance:** Each digital pattern comes with a set of instructions, just like a traditional sewing pattern. However, these instructions will be in digital format, guiding students through the process of cutting, assembling, and stitching their garments.

5. **Personalized Creativity:** While the digital patterns provide a structured foundation, students are encouraged to unleash their creativity. Customization options and creative adaptations will be explored, enabling participants to add their unique flair to each project.

6. **Expert Assistance:** Our knowledgeable instructor will be readily available to address questions, provide technical assistance, and offer creative suggestions throughout the class. This ensures that even beginners feel confident and supported in their digital sewing journey.

7. **Community Engagement:** Despite the digital nature of the class, students will have the opportunity to connect with fellow sewing enthusiasts. Virtual group discussions, sharing of progress, and celebrating completed projects will foster a sense of community and collaboration. You will find it on this website in the page entitled Confetti.

8. **Project Variety:** Throughout the course, students will have the chance to work on multiple projects, each designed to showcase various techniques and aspects of sewing. This diverse range of experiences will build a well-rounded skillset.

By the end of the Digital Sewing Class, participants will have transformed their digital patterns into real, wearable garments. They will have not only gained proficiency in using digital sewing patterns but also expanded their sewing skills, developed a comfort with sewing technology, and cultivated a deeper appreciation for the art of fashion creation.

Join us on this groundbreaking adventure where technology and tradition converge to create stunning garments, proving that the world of sewing is as boundless as your imagination. Enroll now and stitch your way into the future of fashion!


We are a fair trade organic eco-friendly fashion brand. It's a central part of our mission to approach garment production in a certified ethically sustainable and transparent way that considers both people and the planet in the highest standards.




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