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Live Virtual Classes

Learn from anywhere with my virtual classes offering flexible and interactive environments tailored to your goals.

Beach cleanup environmental effort. Learning about animals and saving the environment.

I started a club that is passionately dedicated to environmental cleanup and to safeguard wildlife by raising awareness about animals while actively cleaning up our surroundings. Join us in making a positive impact!

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Sewing Classes

I'll guide you through turning stitches into personalized masterpieces.

I teach live vertual sewing classes; click here to start.


Made in your measurements, style, fabric, and color choices; plus finished within 2 weeks. Everything is handmade with love by Yvette the owner of this website.


Photographs of clothing I have designed and made.

Video Painting Classes

If you're a beginner and need a easy course, a pro who's looking for a challenge, or just want to branch out for something new, I got a class for you.

I am continually updating my calendar with new classes, so make sure to check back frequently to see what's coming up.

I teach live vertual painting classes; click here to schedule.


I can paint a mural on your wall based off of a photo that you give me. I charge $35 a square foot which includes all of the supplies. Click Here To Schedule

Free Daily Learning Adventures: Elevate your knowledge, one challenge at a time.

Explore, Learn, Apply, and Grow

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